Update on Jack 10.21.12

Jack's March surgery ended up being canceled the night before the procedure, and then, his surgical team quit at Yale and decided to relocate to Columbus, Ohio, our plan then shifted to Travel to Ohio with Jack, at the latter part of this year to still have the surgical stem cell implant done along with the "fontain" open-heart surgery. Until, Jack's saturations took a dramatic dip, a couple of weeks ago. We were so very excited about the trial, it is a medical break through for babies like Jack, with CHD. Unfortunately the doctors at the Columbus Ohio hospital have not yet received FDA approval at that location. Therefore, being that Jack's saturations are dangerously low, we run the risk of Jack going into congestive heart failure and we can't take that chance! His heart is telling us the time is now, and can't wait any further. We are very disappointed that this is the case but we were forced to make the decision to move forward with the traditional "fontain" surgery. We have quite a lot Going on in this upcoming month. Just to name a few October 24 is Jack's third birthday, October 25 is Jack's scheduled 12 hour open-heart surgical procedure.

We were also told that Jacks road ahead will be bumpy. He will develop liver scirrosis from the extra pressure passing thru the liver, therefore he will need a liver transplant in addition to a heart transplant, possibly as early as his teenage years. Please pray for Jack on this day, as well as the new addition to the pediatric cardiac team at Yale, the new chief surgeon that will be doing Jack's surgery, Dr Paul Kirshbom. We will be needing to raise as much money as we can to help with research and development in this field to help other children not have to endure the things Jack will have to. Please stay tuned for upcoming events for 2013. Thank you all so much!!

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